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Welcome to gui-tar.com.  This site contains a variety of unique free instruction articles about guitar.  Everything here was written by a professional guitarist with more than 27 years of performing and teaching experience (see Nick Antonaccio).  The author has played and recorded more than 3000 performances in all styles of music, and has taught several thousand students, including more than 200 other professional teachers and performers.

The "Basics" section covers everything you need to know to get started playing:  tuning, reading tab and chord charts, playing power chords, open chords, bar chords, essential left and right hand technique (slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, picking, strumming patterns, etc.), notes on the guitar, song form, common blues and rock musical patterns and riffs, pentatonic lead guitar basics, practicing, and what to expect during the first stages of learning.

The "Theory and Patterns" section covers advanced applied lead and rhythm concepts - all the "secrets" that professional guitarists know about chords, scales, fretboard layout, and harmony, that are used to create interesting original music and improvisations.

The "Other Documents" section covers topics such as equipment, history, chord melody arranging, song writing guidelines, and other various information that guitarists find useful.

If you get stuck, or want to learn anything about guitar, you can try a free private lesson with the author, live and in person - using web based video conference.  See the Online Lessons page for more information.  It really is free to try.  If you have questions, email nick@rockfactory.us , or call 215-860-625 (860-ROCK).

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