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Hold your guitar so that the strings and soundhole of the instrument face away from your body.  Angle the neck and tuning pegs slightly upwards to your left. Rest the indentation in the body of the guitar on your right leg.  Hold the neck of the guitar in your left hand and rest your right forearm on top of the large curve in the instrument's body.  If the guitar slides off your leg, raise your feet up with a footstool.


Try to pull the neck and tuning pegs close to your body, so that your left hand can reach around the fretboard more easily. Hold the instrument up so that its face and sound hole allign perpendicularly with the floor - don't let the soundhole point towards the ceiling.  This will allow your left hand to reach comfortably around the neck.  You should have to bend your head and neck slightly over the fretboard in order to see your left hand fingers.

Experiment with the guidelines above to a find a comfortable position.  Move the neck back and forth, and up and down. Adjust the angle of the instrument, and try setting it on both legs.  Some players like to place the guitar on the left leg so that the fretboard is closer to the left hand. If you find yourself becoming easily fatigued or hurting during practice, adjust your position to that your joints are in their midrange, and so that muscles are required as little as possible to hold the instrument.

If you have a strap for your guitar, you can also hold the guitar in a standing position, as in the picture below:


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