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Chord diagrams are images of the guitar fingerboard that indicate how to play specific chords. They represent the way the fingerboard looks when the guitar is sitting upright in front of you.

The vertical lines of chord diagrams represent strings and the horizontal lines represent frets. The 1st (thinnest) string of the guitar is represented by the right most line, and the 1st fret is represented by the uppermost line. The dots indicate where you should put your left hand fingers:


The diagram above indicates the shape provided by the photograph.   An "O" above a string means that the string should be sounded open ("O"s are optional).  An "X" above a string means that the string should not be sounded. Numbers beside a diagram indicate the fret at which a shape should be placed. Numbers below a diagram or inside the dots indicate the fingers which should be used on each note. Below is a list of the numbers used to indicate left hand fingers:

1 - index
2 - middle
3 - ring
4 - pinky
T - thumb (occasionally wrapped around the neck and used to cover notes on the lower strings)

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