Basic Skills and Techniques
Learning Guitar
Holding The Guitar
Basic Left Hand Guidelines
Picking Technique
Basic 12 Bar Blues
Song Form
Chord Diagrams
Power Chords
Open Chords
Bar Chords
Chord Progressions
Chord Progression Examples
Finger Picking
Perspective About Practicing
A Note About Exercises
More About the Learning Process

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These articles cover the fundamentals required to learn how to play guitar.  The first several years of study are typically spent building technical ability and mechanical skill required to move quickly between notes that make up melodies, to form and hold chord shapes, to pluck notes with the right hand fingers and pick, to perform movements such as slides, bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs, bars, etc.  These articles introduce and explain all those basic techniques, provide lists of pieces of music that will help you to ingrain them fully, and provide some critical guidance about how the learning process will progress.  Like everything else in guitar playing, learning to recognize and perform all the basic shapes, techniques, and patterns is simply a matter of practice.  If you put in the time and effort, repeat everything 1000001 times (correctly), and practice everything with a beat (in rhythm), things will consistently get faster and easier, and you will learn how to play.

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